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A dynamic market in a stable country with a growing economy

Strong development of infrastructures:
• Tangier/Casablanca high speed train link by 2015
• New highways
• Airport modernization
• Rabat and Casablanca tram lines
• Port of Tangier Med

Casablanca is the country’s economic powerhouse:
• 46% of the active population
• 38% of the industry
• 60% of port traffic

A booming construction sector

Major urban projects:
• Creation of more than 15 new towns and tourist resorts
• Renovation and modernization of the current cities, following the example of Tangier, which is developing a tourist port
• Vast program of new social housing to replace old buildings and shanty towns (150,000/year)
• Service sector: enterprises and industrial zones, new universities, shopping centres and retail parks, hotel and tourist complexes…

Introduction of legislation to ensure organized growth: town planning and construction code, environmental regulations and certifications...

Requirements for:
• Renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings
• New buildings, including housing
• Insulation and energy efficiency, sustainable development
• Intelligent building management
• Interior fittings and decoration

An access to north and west african markets

Exhibiting in Morocco offers the potential for contacts with visitors from Algeria and Tunisia.

Several fl ights a day also connect Casablanca with the major capitals of West Africa, attracting visitors from Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Mali, Benin, Guinea or Ghana…