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About the show

BATIMAT launch 4 specialist shows to support you in every sector of construction

In 2013: 2 editions from 5 til 8 june

Floor and wall coverings, ceiling, wood fl ooring
Tiling, stone, marble
Paint and accessories
Partitions, decoration wallboards, cupboards
Exterior fittings
Sanitary ware & bathrooms
IT and professional services
Heating and domestic hot water systems
Air conditioning and ventilation
Electrical installation products and systems
Renewables : thermal solar, photovoltaic, heat pumps and geothermal
Controls, home and building automation, facilities management
IT and professional services

In 2014 : 2 new editions

Structural work and facades
Structural materials
Water treatment, sewage networks
Renewables and photovoltaic systems
Wood, metal & PVC joinery
Control system, motorisation
Glass products
Solar protection
Closing fixture, doors, gates
Iron fittings, hardware
IT and professional services
Construction site machinery
Construction site safety, protection equipment
Organization and safety
Utility vehicle and related equipment
IT and professional services